Fly-Fishing Extensions

Our famous Patagonia Trout operation

In Patagonia it’s likely that the only other fishermen you will see on the river are those you bring along. In addition to the rivers and lakes previously mentioned your guide may take you to remote, virtually unexplored waters where fish have never seen an imitation fly.

The Chimehuin River is the most famous of all Patagonia Trout Rivers. In fact, it's considered to be responsible for putting Argentine trout fishing on the map. The Chimehuin has been ground zero for traveling fly anglers in Patagonia since it was "discovered" in the 1960's. While all 50-miles of the Chimehuin, from it's origin at Lago Huechulafquen until it joins the Rio Alumine, offers good fishing, the best place to fish the Chimehuin is the private access water of the premium Tipiliuke Lodge.

Location: San Martin de los Andes – North Patagonia
Perfect combination with golf outings at: Buenos Aires - Bariloche - San Martin de los Andes· Wine Tours
Fishing Season: Nov till March.

Our Gold Salmon Operation

Situated in the Salta Province of Argentina the Rio Juramento allows anglers to fly fish for truly enormous Golden Dorado whilst on the classical stream of the Rio Tucanes one can sight fish and stalk Dorado in emerald clear water amongst the boulders.

South America's golden dorado are rare trophies-few Americans have ever caught one and many have never even heard of the species. They are distant cousins of salmon and share many traits with large salmon and trout. Their legendary reputation as a fantastic game fish is well deserved-they punish lures and flies, instantly make multiple acrobatic leaps like a tarpon and make finger-burning runs. The beautiful clearwater mountain rivers of northwestern Argentina-in particular Salta Province-- provide habitat to 15-25 pound adult specimens as they migrate up the rivers to spawn, and juvenile fish from 3-15 pounds reside in the rivers year-round. On an average day here, an angler might hook ten to fifteen fish and any fish hooked over five pounds will provide an exciting fight.

Location: Salta – Northwest Argentina
Fishing Season: March till December.
Perfect combination with golf outings at: Buenos Aires · The Falls · Wine Tours

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